Buy Box Suppression

Buy Box Suppression

In this article, we will discuss Buy Box Suppression on Amazon

What is a buy box on Amazon?’s Buy Box is the top right section on a product page where customers can directly add items to their shopping carts. Since many sellers on can sell the same product, they must compete to “win the Buy Box” for a certain product. Winning the Amazon Buy Box simply means that you were chosen for the Buy Box placement. When you win this placement, customers have a button to directly add your product to their carts, giving you an advantage over competing sellers. Generally, one “New” and one “Used” condition offer will win the Buy Box, depending on the product.

The Buy Box is the featured section on the right-hand side of the product page where shoppers use the “Add to Cart” feature to add the item to their shopping cart. Only one seller wins the Buy Box. 

What is Buy Box Suppression?

A missing buy box is usually a result of an Amazon listing or Buy box listing suppression. Amazon suppressed listings to either hide them from consumers, reduce sales until costs drop, or to protect consumers from paying more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Importantly, Amazon may suppress the entire listing so that it no longer shows up in search and can only be found through the store or through the ASIN. In this case, you will receive an email within 48 hours of the listing suppression to notify you of the issue. Amazon may also simply suppress the buy box so that the seller has to click “See All Buying Options” which adds an additional step to the purchase process and will reduce sales.

In most cases, the lack of a buy box will reduce sales, may reduce customer trust in the purchase, and could even mean that you have a problem with Amazon.

Key points of suppressing buy box on amazon

  • You are not prime eligible
  • You are too new at selling
  • Your prices are not competitive enough
  • You do not sell enough
  • You do not have a complete listing
  • Your seller metrics have dropped too low

Who can win the buy box?

To be eligible for the Amazon buy box, you must be a subscription-based Professional Seller who meets Amazon’s buy box criteria and have products that are buy box eligible. Amazon buy box factors include:

  • Order defect rate
  • Performance metrics
  • Customer service quality
  • Length of time on Amazon

How does Amazon choose the buy box winner?

Amazon determines the buy box winner based on price, fulfillment, seller rating, and more factors that we’ll cover in a bit. However, it’s not a perfect science. Because the factors that determine buy box eligibility are always in flux, the winner of the buy box may change over time. 

How to win the Amazon buy box?

Amazon doesn’t explicitly state the factors its algorithm considers when assigning the Buy Box to sellers, these are the suspected considerations in order of importance. 7 ways to improve your Amazon buy box eligibility:

1. Know the top two factors that affect your buy box eligibility

The top two factors that affect your buy box eligibility are:

  • Product pricing
  • Fulfillment methods and metrics

It seems like common sense that you should ship items correctly and on time, respond to questions quickly, and keep your inventory up-to-date and well-stocked.

That being said, when a product is extremely popular and sellers are on par with each other in terms of pricing and fulfillment, other factors become more important.

2. Select the right fulfillment method

The same goes for an established brand manufacturer with a strong built-in infrastructure for shipping. There may also be instances where some of your products are FBA, and others are FBM.

3. Make sure that your product’s landed price is affordable

The biggest factor in winning the buy box is affordable pricing. What is Amazon’s landed price? The landed price is the total price an Amazon product goes for, including shipping and handling costs. The lower the landed price, the more likely you are to win the buy box. Keep your prices low and consistent with other merchants on the site. Of course, many Amazon sellers are constantly changing prices to edge one another out on the buy box.

This shouldn’t be a blind race to the top of the buy box — don’t make your prices lower than you can afford. Determine whether you can afford to own the buy box at its current price by considering your:

  • Amazon seller fees
  • Return cost
  • Shipping costs
  • Amazon budget

4. Build your Amazon account health

This section is the most important if you are fulfilling orders yourself. FBA performance looks much different because Amazon handles most of these issues around shipping and customer service.

Amazon calculates your Seller-Fulfilled seller rating based on a few key metrics:

  • Order Defect Rate (Target = < 1%)
  • Return Dissatisfaction Rate (Target = < 10%)
  • Buyer-Seller Contact Metrics (Target = < 25%)
  • Recent Customer Metrics Data. Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate (Target = < 2.5%), Late Shipment Rate (Target = < 4Pre-Fulfillment
  • Valid Tracking Rate, By Category (Targets = > 90%)

5. Speed up your shipping time (FBM Only)

If you do not use FBA mind it, amazon calculates how well you’re doing with shipping based on your projected shipping time and actual shipping time.

  • 0-2 Days
  • 3-7 Days
  • 8-13 Days
  • 14+ days

Remember, Amazon customers don’t just expect cheap or free shipping

6. Improve your Seller Feedback score

Your Amazon feedback rating is constantly updated based on aggregate reviews from Amazon orders and is an average of all seller feedback ratings. Your feedback rating is covered by orders from the previous 365 days but is realized heavier for orders from the last 90 days.

If it is an FBA product and someone leaves a seller rating that is negative about packaging or shipping, which is Amazon’s responsibility.  In that case,  you can start a case and Amazon will remove it.

7. Keep products in stock

If you have one unit left and another seller has 30 units left, that other seller will get an edge in the buy box. Keeping your inventory information up to date is just as important as having inventory available. If you tell Amazon a product is available, and you can’t fulfill an order, you run the risk of incurring negative reviews — a major factor for seller ratings.

But don’t think of winning the buy box as a permanent thing. Winning the buy box is an ongoing process where sellers earn a share of the buy box for a period of time-based on a variety of factors. The factors that influence how long and how often you rent the buy box are variables that you can change and optimize to increase your buy box sessions and sales, including pricing, fulfillment, and your seller rating.

Hope this article will be helpful to run your business successfully. If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to answer your queries.

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