Premium eBay Description Template By Boost on Time

Premium eBay Description Template By Boost on Time

A great approach to expedite the process of listing your products on eBay is to use the eBay description template. With the help of the description template, you can make sure your listings on eBay look professional and descriptions seem reader-friendly, precise, concise and convey all the information you need on your eBay listings. 

Well-designed templates can attract customers to buy products and this way it helps to increase the traffic, conversion rate, and sales on eBay. This article will explain everything about eBay Description Template and show you how to apply the most premium eBay Description Template to your eBay listings.

What is eBay Description Template (ETB)?

Before moving into the process of applying the premium eBay description template, first, let’s try to understand what an eBay description template is. It is a polished and professional design layout that helps eBay sellers to demonstrate their eBay products with useful information in an eye catchy and presentable way. The eBay description template is also known as the ETB template. By using the description template, you can make your listings a more polished appearance that will inspire customers to make purchases from you.

Why does an eBay Seller Need to Use an eBay Description Template?

By creating product description templates for your eBay item listings is a great way to stand out from the crowd. A well-designed and professional eBay description template will transform your listing and attract customers, can change the way people view items, and boost SEO.

Additionally, it will make the process of adding new products quick and simple. This will help you achieve the look of professionalism and provide consistency throughout all of your eBay listings.

Furthermore, a well-designed listing template can also increase your sales and create an environment where customers will have a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Through a well-designed eBay template, the individuality, dependability, and integrity of your business can also be conveyed to your customer. Developing a brand can increase customer loyalty, conversion rates, revenues, and cross-selling opportunities.

Benefits of eBay Description Template

It’s ideal if you can create a description template for each product to build to write a description. It’s simpler to make sure that each product description is similar when you have the formula to follow and it’ll take less time. Make sure to emphasize the advantages and value for the customer when describing things. Concentrate on the description’s main idea, move quickly to the conclusion, and do so. You should also include your return policy, which might be the same for each description.

The following are some key advantages of the eBay description template.

Rank High in Search: This template frequently appears highly in searches performed on eBay and other search engines. Instead of conducting quick auctions, keep your things listed for a longer amount of time to increase sales. Look at your competitors who use these templates to sell high for an extended time.

Increase Brand Identity: In the description template, you can represent your brand to the customers. This way, customers will find it simple to recognize you in this method when they come across your merchandise again elsewhere. The likelihood of purchasing additional products increases with the continued brand or product recognition.

Increase Traffic, Sales & Revenue: eBay description template helps to get more traffic to your eBay listing. When customers find all the information regarding the product and the brand in a representable way, they will convert into buyers. This way the sellers will get more traffic, sales, and revenue.

Enhance SEO: By boosting your SEO efforts and improving your rank in eBay’s search results, the words and photos you use in your description go one step further in making your listings stand out from the competition.

Increase Ratings and Reviews: To increase ratings and reviews, keep in mind that while a picture can paint a thousand words, it can also create unrealistic expectations that lead to a “product is not as described” rating. You can offer comprehensive product information in the description to guarantee that customers get the exact item they ordered. Also, there is an option to check the previous review and ratings to help the customers to find out easily what people are saying about the products which will help them to buy the product with confidence. 

Better Customer Experience: A high-quality eBay description template improves the customer experience by giving the products a professional look, making it easy to access policies, and streamlining the process easily and effectively. 

eBay Description Template Features: 

There are some key features of a successful eBay description template. These are: 

1. Branding: The finest eBay listings are constantly branded with your template, eBay store, and if it’s possible your own eCommerce store. You may quickly establish a sense of trust and familiarity with customers by utilizing a professional logo, having high-quality images, and utilizing a brand’s color scheme and typeface.

2. Readability: eBay descriptions ought to be simple to read and understandable. To achieve the highest level of readability, eBay description template is incomparable as it can easily demonstrate your product with useful features in a readable way. 

3. Images: Images are an integral part of your eBay description template. With the eBay description template, a seller can use the main banner image, and multiple clickable mini-images of different products to showcase the products and create brand value.

5. Customizable Texting: With an eBay description template, one can customize the listing with eye catchy color and formatting.

6. Works Best For Selling Multiple Products: A seller can easily show multiple products with a single listing by using an eBay description template. This way interested sellers can buy multiple related items by visiting one single listing. 

6. Showcase The Category: With the template, one can easily show the category to the customers so that they can easily visit and find other products that they want.

7. Easy to Present More Information: eBay description template helps a seller to input sections like About Us, Payment Shipping Returns, Contact Us, etc in an easy and presentable way. 

To say it shortly, it is a quick and easy technique to boost average sales while also making it easier for customers to finish their shopping with a single seller.

How do you get an eBay Description Template for your Own eBay Product Listing?

Most eBay listings use eBay description templates to engage potential buyers and encourage multi-item orders by demonstrating to customers that you are an expert seller in your niche.

To get or create eye-catchy and professional eBay description templates, there are lots of eBay template builders available in the market. And, Boostontime eBay description template builder is one of them to help you design or provide you with customizable description templates for your eBay listing.

Boostontime gives you an easy-to-use eBay description template, making your eBay listing stand out from the competitors. Create a well-designed and professional eBay description within a few minutes and start selling the right way.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of the Boostontime description template.

  • Well-Crafted Layout for Each Type of Product: Boostontime eBay description templates are designed especially for each type of product to present images and all relevant sections in a visually appealing and expert layout.
  • User-Friendly Customizable Templates: Boostontime created 20+ fully customizable modules with user-friendly interfaces for sellers in mind. So anyone can customize the template without any coding or design skills.
  • Grab Customers’ Attention: Templates are carefully designed and structured to immediately grab customers’ attention, create interest and close the deal, as well as provide a comfortable reading and viewing experience.
  • Super Fast to Update Unlimited Listings: Upgrading your current listings using Boostontime templates is a remarkably quick and nearly instantaneous procedure. You may update an unlimited number of listings within a short time.
  • Fully Automated: Once you set up your eBay template for one item with the Logo, URLs, etc., the rest of the work is done automatically like Logo, Menu, Store Policy Tabs and Banner will be set inside the template. Also, they will appear in your eBay listing as well. Boostontime template will automatically gather the product image, description, specification, etc from the previous listing and adjust the listing accordingly when you update your template through the Boostontime system.
  • Support 10+ Multi-Channel Software and 19 eBay Sites: Boostontime eBay templates are compatible with ten or more multi-channel programs, including Channeladvisor, Linnworks, Sellbrite, Ecomdash, SellerCloud, and many others. Also, fully covers 19 eBay sites worldwide which allows you to increase sales from a variety of countries.
  • Create Up-Selling Techniques: Boostontime templates will provide you with additional possibilities for creating customized up-selling strategies to encourage customers to complete their shopping from one place. For related products, you can select random items, the Boostontime system will gather items from your catalog, or you can select your own items.
  • In short, with the Boostontime eBay Description Template, a customer can easily see the store category, other categories, get an idea about other products of the seller, and see the related products. There will be the main banner image and 6 mini banner images of other selling products. Moreover, there are options to see the seller’s policy like Return, Shipping, and Payment. One can also get the contact information of the seller and many more. 

To Get or Apply the Template with Boostontime on your eBay Listings,

Step 1: First, you need to sign in to your Boostontime account from the following link “”. If you don’t have an account then you can create an account. 

Or, you can also join with your eBay account. Just click on Join securely via eBay (It’ll never see your eBay password or any credentials).

Step 2: After logging in, it’ll take you to the Dashboard page.

Step 3: Now you need to buy a subscription to a suitable plan. For that, click on “Subscription and Billing”

Step 4: Now click on “Subscribe”.

Step 4:From here you can choose 2 options, “monthly” or “yearly”.

Step 5: Now, go back to the dashboard and then hover over to the Templates menu, and click on the New templates button.

Step 6: Now, you can see all the templates here. Please click on the PREVIEW button to check out templates.

Step 7: After previewing all the templates, please click on the SELECT button

Step 8: Now, it’ll provide you with all the customizable options to customize your template in your way. You can change things from the Theme Settings, border settings, Underline settings, etc options.

Step 9: After that, please click on the Save and Edit button to save your template.

Step 10: Now go to the Templates menu tab and click on the My templates option.

It’ll show you the template that you created earlier. If you want to edit anything, you do that by clicking on the Edit option.

To connect your account with Boostontime,

Step 1: Now, you need to connect your eBay account with Boostontime. To do so, go to the Settings tab and click on the eBay account option.

Step 2: To connect your account with Boostontime, eBay will provide you a token number(if it is authorized) and that number will automatically sync with Boostontime

Apply Themes to your eBay Listings,

Step 1: Now you need to Apply the template to your eBay listings. There are 4 ways to apply templates: Batch revision tools (which is recommended), Revise a live eBay listing, Batch revision with eBay item ID, and Download listing as HTML.

Step 1: To apply with the Batch revision tools, please click on the Apply templates menu and select the Batch revision tools.

Step 2: Now, click on the Sync from eBay or Import New button to get or add all your eBay listings. And then you will see all of your listings here.

Step 3: To apply the theme, click on the edit icon of which item you want to apply.

Step 4: Now click on the Revise Listing button to complete the process.

If you need to edit the product description then, you can click on the Edit product description or Quick clean HTML option.

To apply with Revise a live eBay listing, 

Step 1: Go to the Apply template menu and click on the Revise a live eBay listing option.

Step 2: On that page, please provide the eBay Item ID and click on the Revise Listing button to complete the process. If you need to edit the product description then, you can click on the Edit product description or Quick clean HTML options.

To apply with Batch revision with eBay Item ID,

Step 1: Go to the Apply template menu and click on the Batch revision with eBay item ID option.

Step 2: On that page, you need to provide eBay item IDs and click on the Revise listing(s) button. Please have a look at the below screenshot as a reference.

To apply with Download listing as HTML, 

Step 1: Go to the Apply template menu tab once and click on the Download listing as HTML option from the drop-down.

Step 2: Here, you will see 2 options: 3rd Party Applications and Manually update on eBay. If you use any third-party software like Linnworks, Channeladvisor, Sellbrite, etc then you need to copy the HTML code from Boostontime and paste it on that software which you use to update templates or other things to your eBay listings.

So this is how you can get or create the eBay description template from the Boostontime eBay description template builder.

Creating eBay product descriptions can be tedious and challenging but using Boostontime templates helps make the process easier. Using Boostontime eBay template builder can help you write your description more quickly, customize them and maximize the space to describe your listings. This will help your listing to stand out from the rest and make more sales and profits.

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