How you can benefit from this data.

With proper analysis of the statistics, Drawing various comparison charts amongst different data types,. And if you include a bit of live investigation customer reviews and remarks on the products using the ASIN numbers we extracted, this data will allow all e-commerce entrepreneurs, regardless of the level of their knowledge and experience, to make accurate decisions about Product and supplier selection, Investment plans with minimized risk factors and good profit potentiality, pricing strategies for both purchasing and selling and many more. And because our Amazon data extractor can provide crucial data for an unlimited number of product ASINs and provide it regularly, potential growth it can bring to your company can be exponensial.

Aside from informative decision making, sellers can also get valuable insights about the Product, Market, Competition, trends and changes, Consumer mindset and how to list a product that brings sales.The extracted product details will allow you thousands of listings without having to spend weeks / months on data mining. Even if you are an expert on the product, you can utilize already organized, professionally worded and most importantly search optimized product titles, Bullets, descriptions and other details that you can use to list items superfast into other marketplaces such as Ebay, Walmart. And even improvise upon them to make an even better listing. But you will need to tweak the product information according to marketplace policies and regulations. But the Major Keywords for optimization will almost always be the same for a given product on all marketplaces.

Effective utilization of our data crawlers can be of supreme help for entrepreneurs panning to start and start-up newcomers to declining, struggling and failing amazon sellers and very rapidly transform their business by identifying what needs to be done the most effective way of doing Executing those plans.

And at the same time they can help the already established, highly professional and expert selles just the same. As bigger sellers need to analyze large volumes of data, Our Crawler can be of even more help for them and potentially transcend them to the class of highest rated, top selling giants of Amazon.

Why do you need an Automated Data Extraction System?

Data is often called the king of smart decision-making. Data is the most accurate estimation of reality in terms of numbers, values, percentages that allow for statistical calculation and analysis to obtain the most accurate values and percentages that are used for precise decision making and gaining knowledge.

Today, with an unimaginable and ever increasing level of competition, products, markets and customer classes, the amount of data that needs collection and analysis, To make accurate decisions can no longer be calculated by human senses. Still there are many sellers making decisions from manually observed Speculations and Assumptions and often resulting in critical downfalls.

And there are the other sellers who extract data for decision making purposes by using manual labor, which if calculated to the full extent can waste not just days, weeks or months but years of efforts and hard work.

The amount of data our crawlers can extract out of amazon in just an hour, will take a dedicated staff almost a week to properly extract and organize. Not to mention the amount of errors that has to be found and fixed. We can assure you that our system will extract 100% accurate data and organize them without 0% mistakes and deliver to you. Because today’s programming system has gotten super smart and efficient and we perfectly utilize them in our extraction process to give you the critical edge that will allow you not just survive but thrive on Amazon.

Data We Can Extract

With our amazon data extractor you can collect, analyze and extract the following data from amazon.

Product Data

Product Title
Bullet Points
Product Description
Image URLs: Direct URL for all available images (Listed in separate Columns)
Brand Name
Asin Number
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
Item Weight
Shipping Weight

Analytical Data

Product Rating
Total Product Reviews
Buy Box winner
Buy Box price
Total sellers
Best Seller Rank (BSR): Current position in all available Best Sellers Ranks (Listed in Separate Columns)
Best Seller Rank (BSR) Category : Current position in all available Best Sellers Ranks (Listed in Separate Columns)
FBA item (Yes/No)
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How It Works

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Create an account and login to our Amazon Data Crawler’s web interface.
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Upload a list of UPC codes and/or ASIN numbers that you want to extract data out of amazon. We accept excel sheets, CSV or simple Text files as Input file.
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Select the data types that you want to extract from the product pages of Amazon.
Boostontime start crawling
Hit next and let our crawlers start the crawling process. Currently our system can extract amazon Product and Analytical data upto 25000 ASIN or UPC / hour. We are one of the fastest of all amazon data extractor in the world.
Boostontime download extract data
Once the process is complete, an excel sheet containing all the extracted data for every single ASIN or UPC you provided will be available for download in “History” tab . You will get an email notification when amazon product data extraction is completed and will be stored for later download.
Boostontime use crawling data
Once you have the extracted amazon data you can use it to serve your purpose. Our system will automatically sort and organize neatly all data for easy and effective analysis.

Why Our Service

Robust amazon data extractor

Robust amazon data extractor with very simple and intuitive user interface.

Best pricing

We offer the best pricing for it in the entire market even though it's evidently far more effective from the all other Data Extractors out there.

Huge data crawl

Can crawl upto 25000 upc / asin per hour.

Better solution

Crawler as SAAS is always a much better solution than self hosted crawler. No need to invest money to upgrade your self hosted crawler every time amazon changes its policies.

Data accuracy

Our talented team of programmers update data extraction algorithms as amazon changes its data structure and protocol. We ensure 100% data accuracy.

Custom solution

Need help? Just ask! We can also build modules for Customs solutions!

Fifty free coins

Still not convinced? Why not start with 50 free coins, you can extract amazon product data upto 50 UPC or ASIN.

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