How to Check Inventory Log or Quantity Movement History on Sellercloud

How to Check Inventory Log or Quantity Movement History on Sellercloud

In this article, we will discuss about viewing all of the movement status of product inventory in detail. 

SellerCloud logges the inventory movement history, we can find all of the inventory movement status any time. Inventory Movement means any kind of inventory transaction, addition or subtraction from the inventory quantity for purchase order reception or order shipment.

Search the product on the Manage Inventory page for which you want to view the inventory movement. Click on the SKU or Product Name to go to the product detail page.

Click on Toolbox on the product detail page.

Click on Inventory Movement

You can also go to the Inventory Movement History page by clicking on view movement on the product detail page.

The Inventory Movement History page has three sections, the search filter, inventory summary and the grid. In the search filter section, you can filter with the ProductID, Warehouse, Movement Type, and Date Range.

The inventory is calculated from the date of the last physical inventory count. The last physical inventory and date in each warehouse can be viewed hovering over the last physical inventory quantity. Every warehouse has its own physical quantity and the pop-up window shows the last physical count and date for each warehouse.

Total Inventory Change is the sum change of the physical inventory due to the last physical movement. Reebok-RB8674-9.5-W received 1 order, the total inventory change is -1.

Calculated Inventory refers to the sum of the last physical quantity and the inventory change. This is your current physical quantity.

Reserved is the sum of all inventory reserved to fill orders and have not been shipped yet.

Non-Sellable inventory cannot be sold, such as the inventory stored in an unsellable warehouse.

Calculated Available Inventory is the combined reserved and unsellable quantities of the physical inventory. This gives you the number of available units. Usually, the calculated available units are sellable and the available quantity will equal the aggregate available quantity.

Click on View All Movement to view all movement of the item from the first time it was entered into the system.

Here you will find all of the movements. Click on the Order Detail ID.

You will be taken to the order detail page.

So checking inventory movement history of a product, you can reconcile its physical and aggregate quantities easily. If you have any questions, please let us know by commenting in the below section.

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